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why new group doen't work
by Vi3t4Lov3
19 Jul 2007 17:56

the group 2,5,6,7 working very well in my site
but when I make new group and I ready go to to userroups in control admin and set the permissions for that group. but when I go to the 4rum and click on the link donate, gift or loto...it said The group not allow to purchase this item...please help
thanks u

everyone can help ...please

chatzworld 21 Jul 2007 18:30

you have to edit the category manager under vbplaza and allow the usergrup

you have to do it for each category you wish them to have access to :)

Vi3t4Lov3 23 Jul 2007 00:30

I got it thanks so much ...it help me alot ...

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