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Force members to "re-agree" to forum rules
by Hostboard
08 Jul 2009 19:52

I am pretty sure I have seen this some place but for the life of me I can't find it after multiple search attempts. Anyone know where it is hiding???


mme42 08 Jul 2009 20:07

Do you want to do this for one user or for all users? For just one user, admins and supermods (i think supermods can) can do this on the users profile page. It would usually be on the right of the main table header (the one with 'send message' dropdown, usernotes ,etc).

If you happen to use Cybernetic's "Advanced Rules" mod, it has an option to reset the rules for everybody. I'm not sure if vbulletin does that natively or not because I've always used that Cyb plug. If not, maybe it could be done with an sql query? Not sure. :D

Hostboard 08 Jul 2009 20:09

In a perfect world I would like to force everyone to "re-agree" every X amount of days. But definatly has to be everyone and it can be a manual reset if necessary.

Will go look at the modification you mentioned.

Thank you

mme42 08 Jul 2009 20:25

Actually, this made me curious so I took a look. I think the feature that I described for resetting the rules for individuals from their profile is a part of the Cyb hack as well. I turned the plug off and now I'm not seeing that link the profiles. My bad.

Here are the Cyb Advanced Forum Rules links though:



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