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Smilie paths
by John Lester
04 Apr 2021 07:18

After upgrading from 4.1.12 to 6.5.4 most of our smilies aren't working even though I put them all into the same folder. Now I see that the ones that don't work have a different path.

Aside from re-creating all of the other folders and moving the respective smilies, is there another way to change the path of the smilies?

--------------- Added 04 Apr 2021 at 07:37 ---------------

Also most of our avatars don't work even after rebuilding them. They are all in our customavatar folder currently.

Seven Skins 04 Apr 2021 11:13

Goto smilies manager click on the view or smilies category and you will see path of the simlies .. move/copy your smilies images into that location.

For avatar view the source of the broken avatar image and see where it is suppose to be and copy/move avatars into that location.

John Lester 04 Apr 2021 18:32

Dang it, that's a big undertaking. Looks to be 21 different folders that need to be created and over a hundred smilies moved. How did the paths to the smilies get created?

Have a couple thousand avatars that would need to be moved too. Guess we'll have broken ones for quite some time then.

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