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Issues with modifying templatecache
by Raptor
27 Jun 2019 22:05

Hello, all.

I'm attempting to replace a string in the footer template, and I'm running into an issue.

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$z_temp is getting set - if I echo out the contents, I get the correct content (the footer template contents with the replaced string). However, setting the templatecache at the end is not working: it is not set to the contents of $z_temp, and appears to be unchanged.

Any help would be appreciated!

MarkFL 28 Jun 2019 03:41

Where do you have your plugin hooked?

Raptor 28 Jun 2019 06:47

It's hooked to global_complete - is that too late in the process?

MarkFL 28 Jun 2019 15:24

I usually hook auto-template edits at "process_templates_complete". I can't say your hook is wrong per se, but give that one a try and see if you get the desired result. :)

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