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Daily Doodle by BOP5 (VB4 & VB3)
by BirdOPrey5
30 Jul 2012 13:12

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Brought to you by BirdOPrey5

Latest Version: 1.1

Most people know that Google changes its logo on specific days to honor holidays, birthdays, or other notable events. They call these temporary logos "Google Doodles." Many vBulletin Admins (including myself) like to mark special days by temporarily changing our forum logos as well. Usually this means manually changing the logo style variable on one or more styles and/or overwriting the file on our server with a new logo and having to remember to undo it the next day. Also if you're not up at midnight it is unlikely you actually cover the entire day.

This mod makes scheduling future and reocurring doodles much easier. You simply enter the date you want the doodle to appear, the URL or path to the special logo image, and an optional string of text if you want to override the mouseover text of the logo image as well. (This way say if a user brings the mouse pointer over a special logo the text can reflect the image, such as "Happy Valentine’s Day" for a Valentine’s Day logo.

If you specify the year, month, and day then Doodle will only appear that one time. If you omit the year and specify just a month and day the same doodle will show every year on that date- good for birthdays and holidays that always occur on the same date.

As of version 1.1 you can now specify a custom URL for the logo as well. Users clicking on your logo will be taken to this URL. (Optional)

Compatible with VB 3.7.x, 3.8.x, 4.1.10+, 4.2.x
VB 4.0.0 - VB 4.1.9 will require a manual file edit to work.

In both versions the mod will attempt to override the default logo image stylevariable so if you have a custom style make sure it is using the default code to display the title image- most are.

There is no real demo because it would be unlikely you would see my site on a day I had a specific logo up, however in the screenshots you can see so custom logos I've used.

Obviously you will need to create your own custom doodles and upload them to somewhere before you can use them on your site.


Please "Mark as Installed" if you use this. :)
Donations always appreciated. :up:
Nominate MOTM if you LOVE it! ;)

BirdOPrey5 30 Jul 2012 13:16


Lustikus 30 Jul 2012 18:16

does not work for me, also not in standard themes without any modification.


07-30 | images/buttons/newbtn_middle.png

Nirjonadda 30 Jul 2012 18:48

Excellent work on 4.1.10 !

BirdOPrey5 30 Jul 2012 18:57


Originally Posted by Lustikus (Post 2352800)
does not work for me, also not in standard themes without any modification.

If you're trying it on the Homepage in your profile, this URL loads a blank image or doesn't exist:

Block Disabled:      (Update License Status)  
Suspended or Unlicensed Members Cannot View Code.

Link: http://www.xo-forum.de/images/buttons/newbtn_middle.png

If that's not the site you are trying it on, please give me the link and also paste into a [CODE] box everything in the Doodle Array box in settings.

RobbieZ 30 Jul 2012 21:28

Excellent idea, rated and nominated!

nhawk 30 Jul 2012 21:37


Could I suggest that you add an optional link to a calendar event to the logo replacement? If there's no optional link, the regular link stays on the logo. If there is, the calendar event would open.

That way people can click the logo to see what the deal is with that particular logo change.

BirdOPrey5 30 Jul 2012 21:40

Cool idea... I will try to work this into a future version.

imported_dfmafia 31 Jul 2012 00:03

I'm digging this mod. thanks!

BirdOPrey5 31 Jul 2012 00:52

Sorry- my mistake on compatibility.

Compatible with VB 3.7.x, 3.8.x, 4.1.10+, 4.2.x

Basically it works on VB 3.x, but if you have VB 4.x you need at least VB 4.1.10. The hook didn't exist before that.

autoescala 31 Jul 2012 08:34

Excellent mod

BirdOPrey5 31 Jul 2012 13:54

OK to enable compatibility with VB 4.0.0 - VB 4.1.9 you can manually add the required hook.


Open and Edit your /includes/class_core.php file

Find this block of code:

Block Disabled:      (Update License Status)  
Suspended or Unlicensed Members Cannot View Code.

Add the following line ABOVE the return $template; line.

Block Disabled:      (Update License Status)  
Suspended or Unlicensed Members Cannot View Code.

So the final code will look like:

Block Disabled:      (Update License Status)  
Suspended or Unlicensed Members Cannot View Code.

Note: In VB 4.0.8 on which I tested this the line number is Line 4207. This will vary in other VB versions.

The mod will then work in your VB versions. When you upgrade to 4.1.10 or above it will continue to work because the hook is already there.

NOTE- Do no attempt to edit the plugin on this hook, you will not be able to re-save it and you will need to re-install the mod if you try to save it to a different hook.

BirdOPrey5 31 Jul 2012 16:29

Released Version 1.1

Added option for 4th parameter - Specify URL of the link for the logo. Clicking on the logo will bring the user to this URL. OPTIONAL. If omitted the standard forumhome URL is used.

I am keeping Version 1.0 available for download as well as it is a little less complicated if you don't need the custom URL option.

Thank you to nhawk for some ideas on the code.

nhawk 31 Jul 2012 17:11

Tested 1.1 on vB 4.2 and it works perfectly.


Mr_Running 31 Jul 2012 19:16

Yeah, Looks good on 4.2.x

How about a control for max width, height and border...could come in handy when URL is used. :)

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