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Deviant K1 13 Jan 2010 18:45

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Don't remember if I posted that I installed this great mod so...



It isn't working for me either after upgrading to vB 4.0.1.

Please review the attached image below. It clearly knocks my logo down off the header :(.

When I disable the mod everything on my header is back to normal. Any ideas on a fix for this?

carrlos 14 Jan 2010 04:46

I have the same problem as Deviant_K1. I thought I was doing something wrong but clearly something is broken in 4.0.1.

RedHacker 14 Jan 2010 09:56

With 4.0.1 Version i think doing biggest the header... Please update..!!!

Seven Skins 14 Jan 2010 10:59

First post has been updated.

No need to update the plugin, just redo the edits in header template.


RedHacker 14 Jan 2010 12:05

Destroy the Welcome,Settings,myprofile,notifications and log out

Seven Skins 14 Jan 2010 12:14

If you have custom skin then you have to edit the header accordingly.
This works without any problem in default skin.

Add "{vb:raw ss_avatar}" to the header template where ever you need to.


RedHacker 14 Jan 2010 12:18

No i have default Style...

I follow the instoductions....

Deviant K1 15 Jan 2010 02:53

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Originally Posted by Seven Skins (Post 1955273)
First post has been updated.

No need to update the plugin, just redo the edits in header template.


Definitely Appreciated! Working great with nothing broken in the header. View the attachment below.

Thanks! :)

RedHacker 15 Jan 2010 06:48


Originally Posted by RedHacker (Post 1955322)
Destroy the Welcome,Settings,myprofile,notifications and log out

It is work.. I do one mistake no add below but replace.. It is now perfect...

kontagio.us 16 Jan 2010 04:48

Thank you for this.

ErnieTheMilk 16 Jan 2010 10:41

OK, a stupid question.... where do I find the header template in 4.0?

iyama 17 Jan 2010 10:15

admincp>search in templates: find text:<div id="toplinks" class="toplinks">
And on the left site you see a box with header>click on it

Delifed 18 Jan 2010 04:26

wrong thread.

Reef Man 18 Jan 2010 20:11


Just one question, my avatars are bigger, what size do you recomend to edit the margin?
I tried, but I am a novice on this.

Thanks for the support.

Seven Skins 19 Jan 2010 00:00

Your forum is not working, when it is let me know via pm, then I will have a look.


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