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Change icon for specific forum
by HowToEvery
09 Jun 2016 06:55

I know this was up here a lot, but I tried every explanation that was here for that and ran into problems.

I want to change the icon for each forum independently, e.g. "Gaming" forum will have the icon of controller and "Tech" forum will have the icon of computer.

When I tried to do it using the threads here this is what happened:

My website is http://thehub.co.il and is rtl.

noypiscripter 09 Jun 2016 22:12

See my suggestion here:


HowToEvery 11 Jun 2016 14:46


Originally Posted by noypiscripter (Post 2571873)

Thanks! got it now, just needed to add to your code
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HowToEvery 03 Jul 2016 16:58


Originally Posted by noypiscripter (Post 2571873)

Hey, after pretty long time that my designer crafted the icons, I checked, and it works great except that the "default" icons, for "no new messages" is never showing - it will always use the "new" icons

noypiscripter 06 Jul 2016 19:27

I updated the CSS in that thread.

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