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Akismet Anti-Spam (3.6)
by Jafo232
27 Nov 2007 21:04

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NOTE: Direct port from my plugin from 3.5. If you are currently using that plugin, no need to upgrade even if you are using version 3.6.x of Vbulletin.

This extension will automatically check new posts against the Akismet spam rulesets and identify spam if it is posted on your site. All spam is set to moderated status until an admin/moderator approves/deletes it.

This setting can be set on a usergroup basis so only certain usergroups are scanned.

I have no affiliation with Akismet, I just know that it catches about 99% of all spam I get on my blogs.

You will need an API key to use this product, but they are free and you can get one immediately at wordpress.com when you sign up.

Installs easily, just upload the included files, and install the product file. NO TEMPLATE EDITS!

You should probably use a promotion strategy outlined here:


This will reduce your Akismet usage and not filter your regular users who you are pretty confident will not post SPAM.

A good mod that works with this hack is the "Moderation Queue on FORUMHOME" hack here:


The only other thing you need to do is:


This modification is FREE of charge, but if you wish to reward me for my work, and encourage future modifications by me, please donate below - :


aycan555 28 Nov 2007 01:14

thanxs mate... ;)

Floris 28 Nov 2007 02:28

Can the click install text be any bigger? It's already in the post, same for the paypal button.

Jafo232 28 Nov 2007 03:23


Originally Posted by Floris (Post 1390732)
Can the click install text be any bigger? It's already in the post, same for the paypal button.

And yet, users frequently neglect to click either...

yahoooh 28 Nov 2007 11:22


projectego 28 Nov 2007 11:36

Fantastic. Thank you. :)

/me clicks install

popowich 28 Nov 2007 16:15

Is this dependant on an external web site?

If not, how does it get it's rule updates?


Jafo232 28 Nov 2007 17:02


Originally Posted by popowich (Post 1391033)
Is this dependant on an external web site?

If not, how does it get it's rule updates?


Yes, it uses Akismet, which is widely used in the blogging community, especially WordPress users.

Jafo232 03 Dec 2007 20:13


Originally Posted by projectego (Post 1390911)
Fantastic. Thank you. :)

* projectego clicks install

Your welcome! :)

skippybosco 06 Dec 2007 09:31

I've not tested it personally, but it seems that you could post a message not containing SPAM content and then later edit that post and it is not checked by Akismet.

Is it possible to hook into the edit process to close this hole?

Jafo232 05 Feb 2008 20:28

Probably possible, I just have no time to do it. If users are going to go that far to post spam, well, I suppose that would be one way around it, although it may very well be that the IP they are using is associated with SPAM so it would be taken care of when they post..

Damien001 22 Mar 2009 01:47

will this work on vb 3.8?


Panzer Max 15 Jun 2011 16:13


Originally Posted by Damien001 (Post 1773779)
will this work on vb 3.8?


Same question :)

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