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EzIRC 2.1
by toonysnn
19 Nov 2009 04:25

Modification Support has been dropped.

Good day.

toonysnn 19 Nov 2009 04:27


How to Install
To install, you simply upload the contents of 'upload' to your forum directory. Once you've done so, go to the product manager and upload the product file included.

You can configure the modification (for the moment) at vBulletin Options > EzIRC for vBulletin 4
Also, it's been asked if I will be porting this back to 3.8 once completed. There is a strong possibility I will do that and treat the two versions as the same product (as it'd be near same source)

abdobasha2004 19 Nov 2009 04:57

nice reserved
add some other screen shots if possible

toonysnn 19 Nov 2009 05:08

I'll add them as the new features roll in :)
I'll work on this more tomorrow, done programming for the night where I can't even see straight haha. Learning vB4's new stuff is a bit tiring. :)

AzzidReign 19 Nov 2009 05:09

This looks great! I'm going to give this a try once I upgrade.

Floris 19 Nov 2009 06:32

Excellent, thank you for using irc.vbirc.com as the default.
I will link to your plugin(s) on our vbirc.com web site under the section : integrating with vbulletin. :)

SİMAR 19 Nov 2009 12:04


Floris 19 Nov 2009 12:16

There were about 50 people who joined the chat room while I was there, they asked a few questions, I will post them here as a FAQ:

Can users from the board auto login showing username?
Answer: We are looking into this, mibbit needs to support form input.

Can I get my own server?
Answer: Yes, you can pay for your own ircd shell account somewhere, or use the vbirc network at no cost (comes with irc support)

Can I get my own (registered) nickname?
Answer: Yes, everybody is free to join, change to a nickname, and optionally register it (so others can't use it).
Commands: /nick NewName (example: /nick JohnDoe) (nicks can't start with a number, can't have names, as per irc protocol)

Can I get my own (registered) channel?
Answer: Yes, everybody is free to join any channel. If you are the first to join an unregistered channel, you are creating it, and optionally you can register it. (To register a channel you must have a registered nickname, so the service bot knows who you are)
Commands: /join #channel (example: /join #chat)
Commands: /msg chanserv register #channel password description (example: /msg chanserv register #myownchannel secr3tp4ss My personal channel)

Can I be in full control of my own channel?
Answer: Yes, you will have founder access, you can add your own moderators, kick and ban users.

Can I update the plugin to point to my own irc server, or my own channel?
Answer: Yes, you can change the irc server, and/or channel name. See screenshot for example in above release post)

Can my forum home display who's online in the chat?
Answer: Yes and no. Yes, it's possible, but no, because I am still working on this irc.online.service

I don't use/like vBulletin 4, don't you have a version for vBulletin 3?
Answer: Yes, a back port is being coded, and might be available soon.

I remember pjirc java applet, will this plugin support that?
Answer: Yes and no. Yes it's possible and we're working on it, but it's not yet available.

I was in the channel, but nobody was talking. What up with that?
Answer: You joined during a time where people were not looking at the screen, try again, and give it a few minutes, allowing people to switch back to irc and see what is new and reply.

wth, why are there ads in the chat page?
Answer: Mibbit is a free service, they include the ads inside their widget. The ads there are not from author of ezirc, vborg, or vbirc chat network. We get nothing from those clicks. This is how mibbit monetizes their free service.

For example, I've upgraded my widget code to a premium account, ad-free; http://vbirc.com/chat/mibbit.php?chan=chat (example of ad-free mibbit)

Stay tuned!

taffy056 19 Nov 2009 12:22

Floris thanks for that, its answered a few questions :) I want to control what chat room people are allowed to enter, along usergroups lines, is that possible? I need at least 3 or 4 different rooms can I run 1 channel with different rooms ? Also i need this to run about 50 people in chat, will it cope?

Floris 19 Nov 2009 12:40

taffy: pjirc applet would allow a permission list of rooms, but I am not certain about mibbit. Worth looking into.

Not sure what you mean with usergroup lines. but .. the channels on vbirc network can have regular users, voiced users, halfops, auto ops, super ops and a founder. They each show a bit different, depending on this flag.

You can have basically unlimited amount of rooms on the vbirc network. Pending nobody else registered the room before you. First come, first go basis.

1 channel = 1 room.

Once a user is in 1 room, they can type: /join #anotherroom to go to 'anotherroom'.
Each room shows as a 'tab' in the 1 mibbit that's loaded.

Yes, the vbirc network uses about 10 servers, and currently supports up to almost 3800 concurrent users without causing network lag. We can extend this with batches of 1024 easily. That's something the network manages, and the channel owners don't have to think about this. At the moment every server is a completely different server, at a different data center, at a different data provider, at a different continent. So if 1 network has connection issues (broken switch or router) the other 9 stay online.
We currently hard-limit a channel to 1024, but we do offer the flag +L for a channel to Link a room to another room if a limit is reached. If we get a popular channel that needs 4096 users in it, we can change our network hard limit to 4096.

50 users is not a problem, at all.

Using the network we have one or more hubs, and leaf servers connecting, so if there's a load issue it's spread over all the servers. The main "irc.vbirc.com" actually has round robin dns, all the hubs and leafs are added to the pool. So if you go to irc.vbirc.com you end up on a server with least network load and lag. Allowing a quick and smooth experience.
To avoid firewall, nat and other issues we do not require identd to be running, and some of our servers even support port 8080, bypassing most work firewalls. (we have 6665-6669,7000,8000,8076,8080,9000,9999 and 6697 for ssl.

The vbirc network supports IPv4 , IPv6 , SSL , Multiple hubs , Multiple Leafs , quick connect , ChanServ and NickServ and HostServ , we auto set +x so users are 'anonymous' as their host is masked, and registered users can get a fake virtual host. We allow users to use clones, bots, and register multiple nicks and group them, and have multiple channels. And have idle or active, or very busy channels. As long as there's no racism, kiddie porn, or warez channels, we are pretty much fine with it all.

Floris 19 Nov 2009 12:46

Feature request for plugin author:


It would be nice if on that screenshot a few things are shown:

a) at the top: You are chatting on /server $irc_server on port $port, in channel /join #$irc_channel
b) at the bottom: Chat rules: $irc_chatrules

And have the admincp have the option to 1) show these things or not, 2) edit the footer text.

asj 19 Nov 2009 12:55

Thank you

Floris 19 Nov 2009 14:19

Seeing how smooth this has gone, and how many people show up trying it out and 2.0.1 already in development. A paypal donation is on it's way to show my support.

taffy056 19 Nov 2009 15:58

well just installed it into my test forum, very easily by the way :) what I meant with usergroups, is that we can set certain restrictions in usergroups so they cannot see forums etc, what i am after is that one set of users will see only one room, and the next, like admins will see all the rooms, and that they will only be able access these rooms through my website only, no external chat will be able to connect to it.

One thing though, is how do I create rooms, I am connecting to your test environment right now?

toonysnn 19 Nov 2009 17:01

You'll be able to set custom channels for certain usergroups in the future. You are connecting to vbirc's irc network if you just set it up as default (http://www.vbirc.com)

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