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College forum help
by DivineMessenger
05 Feb 2010 00:48

I need some help organizing my boards and need ideas for new boards. It's a college community for a campus of Indiana University. I need a bunch of "social" boards. Any ideas yo guys have would be great and feel free to tell me I need to go in a completely different direction.

Trasion 05 Feb 2010 01:10

It seems like you already have more than enough sections. Make your forum public (start advertising), and once you start getting a good amount of users and content, then add new sections. Or your forum will just look empty and no one will join if you have too many categories (it's overwhelming).

DivineMessenger 05 Feb 2010 03:58

I have a club at school of 18 people who will be helping to run the site in some way or another and they will post as soon as the site is ready. Just that I want it to seem more like a social/relaxed atmosphere and I currently have more serios/school related sections and I'd like to balance it out.

tercede 05 Feb 2010 04:34

Fill those sections up! It looks deadly.

DivineMessenger 05 Feb 2010 04:39

We aren't opening it up until we acquire a 4.0 license lol and I'm a perfectionist. The plan is to open the site in fall 2010... still have to add lots of pages.

Speysider 05 Feb 2010 12:28

That's kinda pointless (isn't the fall much later into the year?). You are wasting an opportunity to get somewhere with Google and search engines. They already know your domain exists, so you need to either:

1) Take the forum down, and wait until you have a vBulletin 4 license and are at the right time of opening or

2) Just let users register and start advertising the site.

My 0.02c.

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