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Error > EDIT CONVERSATION: You are not authorized to create this post
by PhilUK
14 Jun 2014 09:06

VBulletin Problem: v.5.1.0.

As ADMIN, whenever I post a photograph in any forum and press SAVE, I get the following message:

Edit Conversation
You are not authorised to create this post

I have read the post in this link > http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=310473 but there was no proper reply from any VB staff or expert.

Sorted it out on our own
by PhilUK
21 Jun 2014 15:19

Due to NO HELP from vbulletin.com staff or anyone else concerning the important issue reported in my initial post above, we carried out lots of trial and error experiments and found that in order to stop the error message "Edit Conversation: You are not authorized to create this post" from appearing was through Options > Message Posting and Editing Options > Topic Comment Posting > YES

I am not at all happy over paying a lot of good money to buy a service and then having to work hard to make that service work properly without any help from those who sell it.

Does anyone else agree that we've been taken for an expensive ride by those who wrote V5 from which there is no return back to any previous version?

ForceHSS 21 Jun 2014 17:58

We are all volunteers here and give or free time so we are under no obligation if you want support from vbulletin staff themselves then you are at the wrong site

medved16 21 Jun 2014 21:59

yeah, vb5 really sucks and their service and forum too. i asked a question there an they closed the thread. they told me to ask that question in this forum. but this forum is dead. its like a zombie forum.

ForceHSS 21 Jun 2014 22:15

This forum is very active its just so many posts made every day some takes time to get answered after all we do have a life

tbworld 22 Jun 2014 00:57

Unfortunately, many of us who volunteer do not actively run a vb5 site at this time. So the amount of free assistance will of course be of a lessor amount.

I do sympathize with your frustration, and at this time I do not have an answer to your question -- I cannot reproduce it. I would think @MarkB or @Zachery over at vBulletin.com might be one of the guys/gals to ask (some support is on vacation). If your question is on a non-modified vBulletin 5 product, your question should be addressed by your support package.

This is just my opinion - I am just a vb enthusiast. :)

If I dig anything up, I will PM you.

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