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Quick Reply & Quote Buttons (Default Colour) + Light Blue Navbar
by m0nde
06 Aug 2005 09:02

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Here's a quick reply button I created for my forum, to encourage my users to use it. It has the word "Quick" written on a default blue pill with the Quill on Papers icon with a small asterisk under the quill.

To go with this button, I created a new quote button with quotation marks in place of the asterisk above.

Note: The quick reply button is named quickreply2.gif and you will have to change your postbit template to use it. Or, you can simply name it quickreply.gif and replace your current quickreply.gif.
The quote button is named quote.gif, so it's meant to replace that button.
- Sid

Blue Navbar for you...
by m0nde
08 Aug 2005 23:10

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I created a navbar for my forums and will share it here with you guys... :p

The navbar buttons look like they have a blackish background in the attachment, but the background is actually transparent. Take a look by clicking on each.

- Sid

dtommy79 31 Jul 2007 07:54


Is it possible to download the psd version of that qr.button?


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