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Multiquote, mass move/delete issues
by Iguana Goddess
12 Aug 2010 21:09

My multiquote function stopped working and when any of the staff try to mass move or mass delete more than 100 items at a time, nothing gets deleted.

Naan-Kadavul 13 Aug 2010 00:55

Check the Moderator permissions, and enable Physically Delete (from the database) option.

So that it will be deleted completely with no re-directs.

Iguana Goddess 13 Aug 2010 01:19

I don't believe it's a setting as my site has been up for about 6 months now and this issue just started it even affects a mass delete of private messages as well.

Iguana Goddess 16 Aug 2010 21:08

A little update. I changed hosting companies yesterday because I had suspected my host being the source of not only my multi quotes and mass move/delete functions not working but also pages in my admin cp whiting out. Well I was correct, after switching hosts I have not one single issues that I was previously having. I don't know what the host disabled on their servers other than php viewing, but it affected my sites functionality.

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