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New members notification via email
by TTayfun
10 Feb 2018 11:13

Hello guys, i wonder, do you know about one product which has some requirements i want. i mean, when new member register on the site, site will send email to admin.

Stratis 10 Feb 2018 12:48

AdminCP-> Options-> User Registration Options-> Email Address to Notify About New Members

Put admins email there.

TTayfun 10 Feb 2018 19:19

Thanks Stratis, i think this option is not working..

Seven Skins 10 Feb 2018 19:39

Try sending an email to yourself form adminCP and see if you receive it.
And use SMTP email account from your own webhost e.g [email protected]

Stratis 11 Feb 2018 16:10


Originally Posted by TTayfun (Post 2592843)
Thanks Stratis, i think this option is not working..

Actually this is the option I have and get email in every register.
If i do not use the option i do not receive emails.

So see what else problem you have as @Seven skins says above.
If there a problem though with that it seems you have and other problems receiving or sending emails from forum, good luck :)

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