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cloferba 12 Jun 2019 01:44


Originally Posted by slash77xx (Post 2599498)
good morning ,
the truth that I have the vb for a few years with godaddy and from day 1 I had many problems to install version 5 and looking for a solution did not find valid for its correct installation, and I had no choice but to install vb4 since I had paid for his fame of vb4 (to find out a few months after he died and there would be no support), then I saw that it is true that he has more options vb5 and vb5 too many updates that gave errors or simply does not give an option to the user for its simple installation or update of the same to say an example of prestashop and I think that there is the error of vb5 that does not give simple options like moving from vb4 to vb5 and one has to look for other ways in its customization or programming of the same or paying third parties to achieve treat to make it functional to the needs of one, while I continue to work with vb4 until his death or until I see other software that can be adjusted to the simple and the needs of the buyers of the program.
I think that is the reason why the interest of vb5 has been lost, the vb4 forum is dying.
Thanks for reading and have a nice day.

Bueno, digamos que un poquito de investigacion previa hubiera evitado tu error

In Omnibus 12 Jun 2019 03:54


Originally Posted by cloferba (Post 2599515)
Bueno, digamos que un poquito de investigacion previa hubiera evitado tu error

Tal vez, o tal vez considerarlo un error, sea impropio ya que ha habido miles de mejoras en el software vBUleltin 5 desde su lanzamiento inicial.

Perhaps or perhaps terming it a mistake is improper since there have been thousands of improvements in the vBUleltin 5 software since its initial release.

RichieBoy67 13 Jun 2019 12:24


Originally Posted by Prince (Post 2599488)
Did I say that or ask for any help building my community? This is a vB hack/mod forum is it not?

I have been running a vB forum for 18 years, in fact I have two boards the other one is 7 years old.

It is responses like these that explain why this board is DEAD.

I know you brother. :)

napy8gen 14 Jun 2019 16:17

I hope vBulletin will not dead

In Omnibus 14 Jun 2019 17:57


Originally Posted by napy8gen (Post 2599546)
I hope vBulletin will not dead

It's not going anywhere despite the best efforts of some. vBulletin will continue to progress while the competition continues to utilize technology and design from twenty years ago. The initial release of vBulletin 5 was premature however the people speaking poorly of it are either basing in on the initial release or on third party information. The product as it is today is infinitely superior to the initial release and is improved every week. Living in the past will be a death knell to forums.

We will not be going backwards to a time when people care to spend and devote countless hours to being on a single forum discussing a single subject. Those people are becoming fewer and farther in-between every day. Social media has changed what people want and expect from their internet entertainment time. With so many more entertainment options on the web than there were ten years ago the competition for member time is real. That means giving members content they want to see, not trivial nonsense. YouTube continues to grow and thrive because people want to view its content. Google does because it offers valuable information. Instagram does because it's entertainment at a glance. These successful companies give us a roadmap of the future. That roadmap isn't jumping through hoops to discuss one specific topic. It's more like a big box store where you can grab one or two of everything and keep moving to the next aisle.

Forum technology that fails to recognize the shift in how people spend their time is doomed. vBulletin 5 is the only forum software that has made any effort to do that. The others have all copied vBulletin 4 ideas and run with them.

SaN-DeeP 01 Aug 2019 10:51

IT is just because vbulletin has not find right Social Media Engagement like this:

Hence before.. Alas only 1 member joined in last 24 hours..

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