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Members Online in Admin Control Panel and Mod Control Panel
by Michael Biddle
14 Oct 2007 04:26

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Members Online in Admin Control Panel
vBulletin Zone

What this does?

This will show you who currently is online, inside your AdminCP. When clicking on there name, you will be directed to the users profile in the AdminCP for editing.

Very Nice
by Doctor Death
14 Oct 2007 13:16

Very nice and very useful. Thank you.

Shazz 14 Oct 2007 14:56

cool now I can always see myself online :)

johnrizz 14 Oct 2007 16:53

yes, I like it! thanks.....

roady89 14 Oct 2007 17:55

Nice. Could you port this for the MOD control panel?

Poppet 14 Oct 2007 18:00

Nice add on thanks that will be very useful :)

bigcurt 15 Oct 2007 00:26

Would like to see this in the mod cp as well. Also, would LOVVVEE to see it be able to show the users IP for logging on at that time..would be super sexy :P. Thanks though

/me installs

MiahBeSmokin420 15 Oct 2007 00:29

most likly it will but im just going to ask so its on the first page so other will see it so they dont have to ask

this will work with 3.6.7 correct?

also working with all other versions 3.6.x ?

im going to test it now but im just asking so it gets on the fist page so others dont ask

Tested On 3.6.7 Works Great Thanks

Michael Biddle 15 Oct 2007 01:50

It *should* work with all 3.6.x, maybe even some 3.5.x

MiahBeSmokin420 15 Oct 2007 01:55

is there a way to make this be above the admin notes??

seems like it would be better there

Michael Biddle 15 Oct 2007 02:19

I wanted it their, but unfortunately vbulletin does not have a hook for that location, so this was the place that seemed best to me.

bigcurt 15 Oct 2007 03:18

What did you think about my IP logging idea; and putting it in the MOD CP too?

Michael Biddle 15 Oct 2007 04:03

Ok, it is added into the modcp now also.

Will think about doing the IP a bit later when I have more time.

bigcurt 15 Oct 2007 04:16

Thanks a lot bud. Hope to see it with IP soon.

htscpl 15 Oct 2007 11:35

Nice mod. It will save me some time. Thanks *** installs ***

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