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TCB 18 Feb 2010 11:58

installing it as I type... thanks a lot :D

meschiash 18 Feb 2010 17:55

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Super, great mod. Thanks.

For interested. Full polish language translation.

ndut 19 Feb 2010 01:53


PeteBlume 19 Feb 2010 16:31

Anybody some ideas to integrate Downloads II with a Plugin?
It is realy possible for our forum, to restrict the access to Downloads II if rules not accepted... :(

Supramania 19 Feb 2010 16:54


Any help for my issue?

Videx 21 Feb 2010 01:11


Originally Posted by Supramania (Post 1986554)

Any help for my issue?


Videx 21 Feb 2010 01:15

I don't want my current users to have to accept the rules again. But the option "Reset Acceptance Status For All Members" doesn't make it clear if it's going to accomplish that if I press the button.

I mean, is there an option to set all current users as having accepted Rules?

Valter 21 Feb 2010 01:49

This is automatically done on upgrade. (General Rules).

"Reset Acceptance Status For All Members" will force them all to re-accept.

Videx 21 Feb 2010 01:54


Originally Posted by Valter (Post 1987727)
This is automatically done on upgrade. (General Rules).

"Reset Acceptance Status For All Members" will force them all to re-accept.

That clears up what I suspected - "reset" in this case means to clear their prior acceptance.

But I'm sorry I don't understand about upgrading. I uninstalled all my add-ons when upgrading to 4.0.1, so I didn't actually 'upgrade' this mod, I installed it new. So they're all going to have to re-accept? Not a big deal, just wondering.

Neptun 21 Feb 2010 16:38

installed and nominated - i love this hack ! its the most usefull !

Question to coder:

Is there a possibility to add to the "Before Accepting Rules User Can Not" functions that the user can not see the CMS or blogs ?! this will be very userfull for me too !

HTML Code is not possible in the "Show 'More Rules' drop-down menu on Rules page" function - can you fix this ?! or is this not possible ?!

or can i display two rule sets together ?

ascott 21 Feb 2010 20:12


Originally Posted by mitch84 (Post 1984423)
hi, this hack work on vb4.0.2? please look my navbar,thx

I get the same as mitch84, Forum Rules displays twice, seems to be a conflict with microNEWSLETTER. Turn off the newsletter and the Forum Rules displays correctly.
Any fix for this?

Videx 22 Feb 2010 02:34

Sure enough, this evening all hell broke loose as one old time member absolutely refused to 'sign' the rules, and told everyone she could to do the same (this mod doesn't prevent Shoutbox use). I think she feels she's being singled out. Ah well...

COL NIL SATIS 25 Feb 2010 14:41

Valter ...again my man...you are seriously blowing me away with these mods ..!! love it :)

steve71 27 Feb 2010 12:55

Great mod thanks....running on 4.0.2

SwollenCranium 27 Feb 2010 21:17

When I click on the "Manage Rules" link in the mod in the Admin CP, it opens the smile manager?

This has been noted several times by other people.

This ONLY seems to happen if I attempt to access that page while the hack is enabled. I'd prefer to be able to edit things while its NOT active .. ya know.

What is the fix for this?

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