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Generic Page Template
by Sarteck
28 Feb 2012 01:40

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Generic Page Template 0.01a

This is merely a template I use in a lot of my plugins, at least one of which I'd be releasing on here. I'm just releasing it separately since I might release more of my stuff--I won't have to include this template all the time.

This product will do nothing for ya by itself--it will just be required by my other Modification(s).

If you'd like updates if I ever have to do 'em, then Mark as Installed so vB.org can send ya the notices.

[An up-and-coming project includes something I'm programming for my RPers--a "Persona" system that will allow one user to control sub-accounts to post as (e.g., as several characters in a RP). It'll have a bunch of options with it, including who can see the "real" user, how many personas a user can create, what forums it can be active in, etc. Look for it in one to two weeks if you're interested!]

[[If you want something sooner, someone else is planning a similar modification that might suit you more, and they will probably have theirs sooner than me. X3]]

Dr.osamA 29 Feb 2012 23:41

that is what ?
more explain plzzz

thank you

Sarteck 25 Jul 2012 10:44

It's just a generic template that can be used as a "default" page for just about any modification. It's what I use on pretty much all of my own modifications.

When I actually publish the mods I've made that uses it, this will be a required file. Until then, it's pretty much useless except for reference. :P

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