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Navbits Issue
by Twilkey
20 Feb 2015 23:43

I am working on a site and need to edit the navbits so that certain parts do not show up. I have done what I thought was the way to do this by creating a plugin at the navbits hook with the below code. However even though the statement is true, the $skip_nav_entry does not seem to take the entry out of the array. I have looked at the function in the function.php file and from what I can tell, this code should work.

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Thanks in advance for any help.

Nevermind, I figured it out. The issue was that I am using DBSEO and that addon changes some stuff.

Max Taxable 20 Feb 2015 23:43

I think in vBulletin 4 it has to be, "vb:if" for conditionals.

ozzy47 20 Feb 2015 23:44

No, he is using PHP not HTML

Twilkey 20 Feb 2015 23:56

Yeah I am doing this in a plugin. Also, Im not sure if it matters, but Forum is basically a link to the home page. There is also another I want to take out. It is the category title. All forums on the site are in a single category, soI basically want to only show subcategories and thread titles.

HM666 21 Feb 2015 05:30

That may not be possible to do. vBulletin for whatever reason whenever you try to mess around with taking out links or moving links in the breadcrumb has always acted funny so there maybe something within the core files that keeps it from being possible. I'm not exactly sure though, I'm not a PHP expert. I just know that in the past any time that I've tried to modify the breadcrumb links in any way it has usually made things not work as expected.

Are you trying this on a dev site with no other mods installed and on the default skin? I'm asking because if not you might want to try that. Possibly there is a conflict with another mod if you are doing this on a site with mods and custom skins A.K.A. a live site.

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