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Can you critique my site please?
by BrandiDup
09 Dec 2007 20:12

I'd like any constructive criticism you can offer for making my site better or more appealing.

It may not be appealing to some of the men-folk, as it's an ALL women's site. But if you have any advice for changing around or improving anything, I'd love to hear it.

Thank you!


TigerWare 09 Dec 2007 20:23

Well okay then...

Don't change a thing !!

I love the theme, adore the graphics, find the colours to be totally spot on. The nav bar is awesome and the utilization of space in the footer is superb.

Very professional, highly polished.

Paul M 09 Dec 2007 21:58

None of the LOCAL NAVIGATION links work.

BrandiDup 09 Dec 2007 22:13


Originally Posted by Paul M (Post 1398112)
None of the LOCAL NAVIGATION links work.

You are absolutely right. I didn't even catch that they are not working from the main page, as I've only been using them mainly from the forums. Thank you for pointing that out.

The channel buttons up top also do not currently work, as I'm still putting together the main channel pages for each one of those.

Aside from these two areas, has anyone caught any other links that don't appear to be working?

And Tiger, thank you so much for the compliments. I really do appreciate them very much. No matter how much I bust my butt, I still feel like there is more to do though. I have quite a few things I'm currently working on. One is going to be a flash slider for content, which will rotate different topics of interest. I'm also in the process of adding a module to the front page which will display the most recent freebies.

All feedback is welcome!

SEOvB 10 Dec 2007 02:10

wow, thats an amazingly nice theme :yesway:

MoviePropCollec 22 Dec 2007 08:58

I am a green newb big time, and a guy, but that is a very nice site you created. ;)

Beats my site :(


I want to make my header flash or have it do something ;)

Maybe put some flash banners and or a video player but I don't know how :(

iogames 22 Dec 2007 23:07

OMG! :eek:

jaks 26 Dec 2007 18:31

Simply freaking awesome!!! I've tried to modify VBAbut always get lost. You have got one hell of a design there. :) The way you modified VBa makes me cry though. I've been trying to figure out what to do on my site for a long long time.

Anytime you want to drop over and fix up my site...feel free. :)

iulianh 28 Dec 2007 23:14

Your forum skin is preety good, great work . The colours combination match the website subject . And the community looks preety well structured .

Great work . I like it .

Robert Paulson 29 Dec 2007 05:05

I clicked on the link and almost turned gay. If I were gay or a girl I'd love it, but as it is it's too girly.

imported_silkroad 30 Dec 2007 13:48


Very creative.

Good luck with your community!

Glitch0r 02 Jan 2008 11:38

Miss, its looks really nice, who designed your site, I was wondering who designed your site, its amazing.

Alfa1 02 Jan 2008 14:56


Originally Posted by Glitch0r (Post 1413773)
I was wondering who designed your site, its amazing.

I would like to know this as well. Very nice.

1 Hiking Freak 02 Jan 2008 23:21

Excellent Design! I love the front portal page. I am getting the done with errors thing though in my browser. Could be because of conflict with using the two tab navbars.

x YNWA x 03 Jan 2008 01:29

very nice design

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