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Downloading ? 07 Apr 2012 07:46

I try to download this feature on my site :


I followed all the given instructions but find no change on my site though it is in "install products" list. Its my first time for downloading, is there anyone guide me the place I need help.

blind-eddie 07 Apr 2012 11:27

You will need to post in the thread you downloaded it from to get the answer you are looking for.
The author & those that downloaded it only go to that thread when they need to discuss it.

[email protected] 08 Apr 2012 19:01

I posted it but got no response ! :(

while downloading I left few places empty coz I don't know what to add there. Is there anyone help me complete that installation.

Lynne 08 Apr 2012 19:23

You need to be patient. People don't live on this site, they come to it ocassionally to check their modifications. And, don't forget that it is a holiday weekend (and school vacation week for some - so families may be gone for the week on vacation).

[email protected] 08 Apr 2012 20:15

You 're right !

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