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Move Threads to Recycle Bin
by ForumsMods
25 Oct 2012 18:16

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Move Threads to Recycle Bin

Allow moderators to move threads to a "Recycle Bin" forum

  1. Upload all files in folder upload to ther respective directories on your webserver.
  2. Go to ACP / Plugins & Products / Manage Products and import product_recyclebin.xml
Where to set option:
Settings-> Options-> Recycle Bin

- English

25-10-12: v5.0.0 First Release

This hack is created for your use free of charge. No payment is requested. However, if you would like to donate money for the work I put in to this hack, a donation would show your appreciation.

JamalFree 05 Jan 2013 18:57

nice idea thanks

D4nny 08 Nov 2014 04:55

Can you please fix this für 5.1.3?

Rabso 02 Jan 2015 04:07

it seems this is not working with 5.1.4, there is error during the installation. Please fix this

alenirj 28 Dec 2015 15:05

Please, fix to vBulletin 5.1.10.. this mod is great!

voyger 22 Sep 2017 17:39


..just to try it
installed on a vb 5.3.2 but cant see move to recycle bin in moderation options from topic or post and in setting / option there is not recycle voice

...anyone has tried like me ?

japancars 05 Mar 2019 12:36

In vb 5.5.0 I always get this error while installing:

"Unable to find a class to validate: vB_TemplateParser_Curlyjsbundle"

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