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Login Form Question
by ChrisBaktis
28 Jul 2007 20:05

Im moving my login from my navbar to my header...

I have moved everything that is between <!-- Login form --> <!--/login form --> to where I want it to appear in header. As far as I can see all the 'input' lines and the 'submit' code is there. - looks great but it doesnt work...when I click the login button it doesnt do anything...

Is there any other code I need to enter for this to work?

da420 30 Jul 2007 01:54

Is the login javascript still in the template?

ChrisBaktis 30 Jul 2007 13:58

I just put everything between the <!--Login Form --> and <!-- /Login Form -->

CAn you tell me what the java script code would be?

I found the problem - the <form info didnt copy - however now that it works it doesnt save the cookie info - everytime you leave the site and go back you have to relogin in - any ideas on how I correct that?

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