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Can't remove members list
by Bubble #5
04 Oct 2013 02:57

Is there a way to completely remove the members list? I manually removed it from the drop down list, but noticed today that if you go into a persons profile and click on a friend, that it shows up at the top of the page.

Any way to remove these other links?:confused:

tbworld 04 Oct 2013 03:19

Do you want to disable the member list for everyone? Removing the links of course will still allow users to access the member list.

Bubble #5 04 Oct 2013 03:22


Originally Posted by tbworld (Post 2449843)
Do you want to disable the member list for everyone?


ozzy47 04 Oct 2013 03:27

ACP --> Settings --> Options --> User Listing Options set the option,
Members List Enabled to No.

tbworld 04 Oct 2013 03:27

Disable Member List

ACP --> Settings --> Options --> User Listing Options --> Members List Option: No

Bubble #5 04 Oct 2013 03:44

Ahh... thanks guys! That's so much better than hacking the template :up:

ozzy47 04 Oct 2013 03:46

Yeah, it should remove it from everywhere that way. :) Always easier if there is a setting.

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