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My Links
by blind-eddie
21 Mar 2014 16:58

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My Links

This is an update to my My Links 3.8 version that a few have ask if I would update.

Description: This Template edit add's user specified links in a Dropdown Tab in the navbar, that can be edited via usercp, in the Edit My Links page.

Demo: See screen shots

You will need to create Two User Profile Fields for each link option you want your members to have., You will need to duplicate these steps for each "My Links" link's you wish to display.
In the User Profile Fields Section in your admincp, click Add New User Profile Field

Profile Field Type: Single-Line Text Box

( All New User Profile Field Profile Fields are Single-Line Text Box for this edit)

Title: Link One URL

Description: Add link you wish to go to.

Max length of allowed user input: 100

Field Length: 25

Field Required: No

Field Editable by User: Yes

Private Field: No

Field Searchable on Members List: No

Show on Members List: No

Which page displays this option? : Options : My Links Options
Remember this number each time you make a new user profile field.
Click Save

REMEMBER, Each link you wish to show in your My Links dropdown in your navbar takes two User Profile Fields to create the link.
One for URL, and one for the NAME.

Added wired1's extra profile pages addon ( marked reusable) to show the My Links profile fields on their own page with hard coded usergroup permissions so only the usergroups you want to see and use the mylinks profile fields.
Added conditional to not show drop down until Link One Name profile field is occupied
Edited the My Links Dropdown to show "Edit My Links" link to the new page.

ENJOY!!! :up:

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