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alldylan 21 Feb 2009 10:40

I love this mod but I'm having problems with server loads and problems with IE. I run 3.8.1

cleverone 21 Feb 2009 19:59

Just installed a chatbox in my forum, and also have a image resizing mod installed. When the chatbox refreshes... it tweaks out the image in the chatbox (trying to enlarge the image but resizing real quick). This happens fast and every time it refreshes. How can i correct this problem. Seems like an easy fix, just not to sure where to start. Thanks in advance!

I'm running 3.8, w/ Cyb - ChatBox & nCode Image Resizer

Nadeemjp 21 Feb 2009 23:09

hi need help:

in my link of chatbox full in the nav bar i dont have the drop down menu for moderation, hence we are really in trouble because cant moderate the messages. any help?

ForumUser210 22 Feb 2009 00:57

When browsing page of Chatbox Full, the header breadcrumb does not update to include a link back to index.

For example, when you visit Chatbox Archive, you will see Forum Index -> Chatbox, but on Chatbox Full you simply see Forum Index.

Anyone know how I can change the nav bar?

ForumUser210 22 Feb 2009 05:18

I don't like the alternating colors in the background of the smiley menu. Should have just used the same smiley menu from the forum post form.

Frogsong 22 Feb 2009 08:11

I have it installed on my forum version 3.8.1 and it's working great. Even with our custom style and custom buglies (our version of smilies)

I do have one question though. Is there a way to list users in chat in the box on the forum page without having to actually click on the live chat box to see if anyone is there?

emailapphost 22 Feb 2009 09:23

I need a separate chat room for each of my 20+ forums on my board.
Can that be done? Do have 20 DIFFERENT chats going simultaneously?

ForumUser210 23 Feb 2009 07:31

Whoever wrote this chatbox -- they are bad with CSS.

There is repetitive inline CSS everywhere. The size, as well as complexity of the templates, could have been shrunken significantly by using class tags.

It's impossible for me to edit the template.

sherwood 23 Feb 2009 17:45


Originally Posted by adusei (Post 1744956)
Yup: http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showp...3&postcount=62

...unfortunaltely no reply to this prob yet... :(

thats not what happened to mine..

mine shoed all the bbcode instead of actually showing it as colored or whatever..

benny92000 24 Feb 2009 05:08

Well IMO, all this mod needs is an idle feature and the layout like the inferno and i would love it, but until then i'll stay with old, unsupported inferno. Cyb--best vBulletin coder, sure he will come up with something.

ged 24 Feb 2009 05:09


Your submission could not be processed because a security token was missing.

If this occurred unexpectedly, please inform the administrator and describe the action you performed before you received this error.
Is there any solution for this error? I've just installed and had this error.

ged 25 Feb 2009 04:51

I wonder why Cybernetec ignored (and ignores) every "security token" problem. This is probably the best Chat modification but lots of people cannot use it because of this "security token" problem.

emailapphost 25 Feb 2009 07:22

Would it be possible to have like a "doorbell" feature that would pling every time there is a new post in the chatbox? That would much ease the work to get the chatbox going when monitored by moderators.

celikforum 25 Feb 2009 12:39

I would always follow the super-shares are

sherwood 25 Feb 2009 20:18

This chatbox confilicts with Advanced BB code permissions mod.. thats what was causing my problem.

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