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by BirdOPrey5
27 Jan 2013 10:58

This is a temporary reminder and clarification of what this forum is about.

The purpose of this forum is for Community Reviews. If you have an existing or new community and would like feedback on it, this is the forum for you!

What is not allowed in this forum is advertising a new style you are working on or selling.

The only links in this forum should be to your working vBulletin forum- not to screenshots or to commercial styles for sale or coming up for sale soon.

If you have an existing forum and would like feedback on a new style you have installed or created then please link to the forum and style directly (by including the styleid in the URL) or tell us the name of the style you wish for us to consider.

But the goal here is to evaluate how the style works for your community. It is not to gather feedback on a style you will then sell commercially.

Those looking for feedback on styles they intend to release should release a free style in our Styles section and they can solicit feedback in that thread.

Thank You.

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