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Migrating from PHPBB - VB4 Advice please
by shabsta
17 Oct 2014 06:38

Hi all,

I currently run a PHPBB forum and have got a license for VB4 and have been testing for a few weeks now. Everything is great, the CMS is brilliant, the forum looks similar (good thing for my users) and hopefully we can make the change before the end of year pending final testing.

Is there anything I need to be worried about? Talking more about what needs to be done with minimal disruption, especially for search engine ranking and user experience.

The IMPEX mod doesn't seem to pull across Avatars or Passwords but I may have found a way round it, if anyone has any suggestions please let me know.

Will the switch affect my search engine ranking? Is there anything I can do to minimize impact or speed up the process of getting Google to index my forum?

Any other tips, or tricks or advice would be greatly appreciated.

My PHPBB board is at http://www.moto101.co.za and my test board for VB is at http://vbulletin.moto101.co.za

Thank you.

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