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ecart shop for end users
by Kenas
22 Jun 2011 19:16

I am looking for a Mod or anything so users can add their own paypal button with their own paypal adress and amount in a post. I have seen eshop / ecart such as microCart but i can only create 1 shop and it goes into a different tab in my forum website. I need something in the forum and should be as easy as create a new thread/post add the text of the product you want to sell or the service u want to give and add a paypall button beside it.
is this actually possible ? and is there something around here that does this ?
any comments will be highly appreciated.

BirdOPrey5 23 Jun 2011 14:28

This is not a requests forum. Please post in either the "Requests for Paid Services" forum or the "Free Requests" forum.

You will need to be licensed in order to post in either forum.

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