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Cron Based Fake Users
by Atakan KOC
03 Mar 2007 14:29

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Cron Based Fake Users

  • Download the product file below and import it into your vBulletin via the product manager.
  • fakeusers.php => includes/cron/*
Products to Install: 1
Plugins Included: 0
Setting Group : 1
Setting : 3
Phrases :
Files to Upload: 1
Files to Edit: 0
New Templates: 0
Template Edits: 0

What this hack does?
This hack adds members to your online list and Whois online list :) from your already registered users.

Real visitors creat. Code Name : The ghost

Support Given For Who Clicked Install {ONLY}

SaltedSlug 03 Mar 2007 14:31

Haha, that is twisted (but very clever). Thankfully I don't need it 8)

Invalid ID 03 Mar 2007 17:39

Just what I needed

isapi 03 Mar 2007 17:52

Thanks for sharing. nice job :up:

bashy 03 Mar 2007 18:05

I take it this is just the amount of online users and does not add any names to the list?

Invalid ID 03 Mar 2007 18:09

And it's NOT working

drdeathuk69 03 Mar 2007 19:06

Testing now

drdeathuk69 03 Mar 2007 19:12

Nope i can confirm this dont work :(

RYoBiOS 03 Mar 2007 19:58

Not working and now my forum is stopped :confused:

drdeathuk69 03 Mar 2007 20:07

Just goto products and uninstall it
and delete .php file

Tom_S 03 Mar 2007 20:33

Nope..don't work

projectego 03 Mar 2007 23:09

Very nice idea, Atakan! Thanks! ;)

/me clicks install

Tom_S 03 Mar 2007 23:14

It still don't work

Masiello 04 Mar 2007 06:59

What the real utility of this?
I don't see, if any user want to visit your forum good otherwise why make that..nah.. but thx anyway.

Zia 04 Mar 2007 07:46

hahahahahahahahah funny n twisted idea..
maybe some time its needed..

but seemd for most it doesnt works

/me clicks install

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