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vB Spell
by cynix2
21 Aug 2006 20:47

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What this does: vB Spell allows you to install a dictionary (English dictionary included) into your MysQL database, and provide a spell checking window that works in both of vB's editor modes, standard and WYSIWYG.

Background: This mod was originally developed by tamarian for vB 3.5.x. With the release of 3.6.x the installer stopped working for fresh installs and the template changes were considerably out of date, tamarian gave me permission to release a 3.6.x version with updates.
This version should work with both 3.5.x and 3.6.x series.

  • Supports most recent versions of browsers. Tested on IE, Firefox, Mozilla/Netsacpe, Opera and Konqueror (Konqueror implies Safari, but please confirm Mac folks).
  • Learn Feature uses cookies, so it won't increase the database size.
  • Admin panel options.
  • Spell Check button appears anywhere there is a WYSIWYG Enhanced or Standard Editor Toolbar [includes quickreply but not quickedit].
  • Skips quoted text and other tags (PHP, code, etc.).
  • Usergroup permisisons.
  • Template based interface, and uses your default style.
  • Link buttons (Thesarus and Lookup) with links to Merriam Webster's online thesarus and dictionary links with the suggestion for misspelled words.

  • Unzip main package.
  • Upload the contents of the 'upload' folder to your forum home directory.
    Regular Install:
    • Unzip dictionary-reg.zip.
    • Upload DICTIONARY.DIC to your forum home directory.
    Alternate Install
    • Unzip dictionary-alt.zip.
    • Import the SQL files to your database.
  • Import product-spellvb.xml.
  • Go to AdminCP > vBulletin Options > vB Spell and edit your usergroup permisisons.
  • Template changes are now automatic. [accept for quickedit]
Q: What is the Alternate Install method for?
A: If you are having problems with the Regular Install (such as your dictionary import freezes at x%) then you should consider using the Alternate Install. If neither of these methods work for you then there might be an issue with your server host.

  • Unzip main package.
  • Upload the contents of the 'upload' folder to your forum home directory.
  • Import product-spellvb.xml.

To manually force the quickedit template to work with this mod:
Block Disabled:      (Update License Status)  
Suspended or Unlicensed Members Cannot View Code.

Replace with
Block Disabled:      (Update License Status)  
Suspended or Unlicensed Members Cannot View Code.

0.10.x NyNe versions
v0.10.3b - 06/22/07:
Compensated for an issue brought up in this post.
v0.10.3 - 06/22/07:
Added a check to the product installer so it would not remove the vbspell table after just having created it.
Added $vboptions[bburl] to all template code that asks for files (this *might* fix the PhotoPost issues - no promises).
v0.10.2b - 08/26/06:
Fixed error in product installer (removed table prefix).
Changed all <? to <?php for php5 compatibility.
v0.10.2a - 08/26/06:
Removed alt product installer.
Product installer included now checks for dictionary file, if dictionary file is not found it continues installing.
Product installer no longer drops dictionary table before installing.
v0.10.2 - 08/22/06:
vbspell template is now XHTML 1.0 Transitional.
Fixed a version check for vbspell template (made compatible with 3.5.x).
vB Spell window should now open on top of other windows.
Removed table prefix for vbspell sql table (product installer includes code to remove old tables).
Included alternate installation method (Credit goes to Replicators for the SQL Install method).
v0.10.1 - 08/21/06:
Beta release for 3.6.x series.
Switched to product/plugin based installer.

0.9.x tamarian versions
v0.9.12 - 12/25/05:
Security fix for cases where you allow HTML posts and they contain malicious code (Credit goes to Brendan Donahue for finding the issue and alerting TechGuy, and to TechGuy for alerting me to it).
v0.9.11 - 11/02/05:
Fixes a bug with slashes in text.
v0.9.10 - 10/17/05:
Check for primary and secondary group for permission.
Bug fix for quoted words.
v0.9.9 - 09/13/05:
Bugfix for JS on IE with RC3.
v0.9.8 - 07/15/05:
Bugfix for JS code mismatch with template.
v0.9.7 - 07/14/05:
Initial release for vB 3.5 beta-4.

NOTE: The above section says NyNe versions, because I go by the name NyNe everywhere accept here.

Scrrenshots: (from tamarian's 3.0.7, but it's identical)

First Post Reserved
by cynix2
21 Aug 2006 21:02

Please give feedback.

Im not sure how well this works on Macs (if at all).

amnesia623 22 Aug 2006 00:47

Has this been successfully installed on 3.6?

Replicators 22 Aug 2006 02:14

Ran into the same problem i had with tam's hack and that is "exceeding max questions", i would suggest having the dictionary as a .sql and just have the product small and painless, or more people will run into this problem. I get to 98% then get a db error.

I will see if i can do it myself, and put it up on here. Also you shouldn't use admincp as a directory as some people do rename this folder for security reasons.

VBSpell Alternative
by Replicators
22 Aug 2006 03:55

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I redone the way this mod handles the dictionary. Instead of drawing from the dictionary, it will use sql files instead. This is for only the people that get "Exceeded Max Questions" when importing the product. If it imports fine, DO NOT use this!

There was some changes done to the product file aswell as the vbspell.php, as i took out the use of table prefix and instead use just vbspell as a DB table.

@cynix2 - If i was wrong for doing this, pm me, and i will remove this. It is just another way of doing it, and i did give you full credit for it.

DaveAK 22 Aug 2006 04:24

As with the 3.5.x version the path to the DICTIONARY.DOC file is hard coded. Some people may not be using admincp for their control panel directory.

Other than that all seems good! Thanks!

(I haven't made the QuickEdit mod yet though, but I see no reason why that should give any problems.)

DaveAK 22 Aug 2006 04:59

OK, I made the Quick Edit mod and that seems to work as well, but one annoying thing is that when you click the icon the popup window is hidden behind the main browser window. I'm using the latest FireFox on XP. Any ideas as why it does this?

Azhrialilu 22 Aug 2006 13:23

I might try this, although I don't really like automatic template edits as they generally don't work for me as I customise my styles so much lol so expect me to be back asking what the edits are and where I need them to go :)

Maagic 22 Aug 2006 14:24


Originally Posted by amnesia623
Has this been successfully installed on 3.6?

Just did and it is working as described.

Snake 22 Aug 2006 14:51

Excellent been waiting for this! :)

bbcentral 22 Aug 2006 16:28

I just did a test on my 3.6.0 test server, and it failed.
It got to 97%, then:

Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in MY_SITE_ROOT\forum\admincp\plugin.php(1924) : eval()'d code on line 24
I am trying again using Replicators' version above.
I've imported the product XML, this time it worked.
Importing the SQL files using phpMyAdmin...
Full SQL is too large (I have an 8MB upload limit).
Trying with Split SQL...
I strongly recommend deleting the ZIP files after you import each one.
This way you don't lose track of which one you are up to, and don't get duplicate records.
Part 1 and 2 worked, part 3 isn't working.

You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '´╗┐INSERT INTO vbspell VALUES ('dacryon', 'TKRYN')' at line 1
Seems to be something to do with importing zip files. I'll import the SQL file instead.
Still doesn't work. I had to resave the file in DOS format for it to import correctly. Seems part 1 and 2 are DOS format SQL files, the rest are UTF-8, and I can't import them unless I resave them in DOS format.
All files imported, vbspell has 192,917 rows of data.
Just made a post, the spellcheck button appears now. It corrected both words I spelt wrong, however when you click the spellcheck button the new window opens as a pop-under. I'm using Firefox on XP.

Apart from that, all working! Thanks to both of you for doing such a great job, now I get to try doing it on my live forum! :D

jrofosho 22 Aug 2006 16:39

I get this error when i click the "Check Spelling" icon:

Warning: main(./includes/searchwords.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /vbspell.php on line 40

Fatal error: main(): Failed opening required './includes/searchwords.php' (include_path='.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php') in /home/range/public_html/vbspell.php on line 40

bbcentral 22 Aug 2006 16:46

That's a weird one jrofosho.
I know this is obvious, but does that searchwords.php file definitely exist in the includes folder?
It's part of vBulletin.

bashy 22 Aug 2006 17:05

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Just installed on 3.6 and install went 100% ok
Using it is different though, Window is behind browser and the window aint right please see image

Any ideas please....

Before anyone says out.....yes, its me, the one with all the hacks installed...
Look he's at it again....lol :p

bbcentral 22 Aug 2006 17:34

Bashy, I guess any problems you're having are because of another mod :)
I've only got a few installed and it works with them. I think you've got some template editing to do :P
wow, I'm stunned! If I tried to install that many hacks, I'd get beaten up by my members :D

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