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What's the best way to duplicate a forum completely?
by shunx91
31 Mar 2008 22:31


Let me first clarify the question. I have a forum with about 50,000 registered members and I wanted to create a new forum specific to one of the forum topics in my forum. This forum has 50,000 threads in there already and I figured it'll make more sense for me to duplicate the entire forum on a new database and then remove all the other posts that are outside of the topic.

Something else that raises a concern is the fact that I would have to install everything all over again. Is it possible to not have to do that? It would make more sense for me to use the existing templates, rules, index pages, etc and just change the logos so while I direct the traffic from one site to another people will feel at home. On top of that, members who registered prior to a certain point would not need to re-register and can log in using the same password.


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