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Threadloom Search (vB3)
by threadloom
07 Mar 2017 09:58

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Threadloom Search provides an easy way to upgrade your forum with cloud search. It is 10x faster than vBulletin search. It also gives you image search, spell correction, and WordPress search.

Threadloom Search is now available as a supplemental option to the native forum search

In addition to various fixes and improvements, this update includes a new feature that lets your forum members choose (and save) Threadloom Search or your native forum search engine as their default search engine. You no longer have to choose between the two – your members can have both. As an admin, however, you are able to set either option as the default search engine for new visitors to your forum. You can learn more from our blog post here.

If you’d like to learn more about this feature please check out our Help Center articles:

Threadloom is installed on 150+ forums with 400M posts, including: 4x4 Community SA, Air Rifle SA, AULRO, AZ Billiards, Baby Bargains, BayouShooter, Fiat Forum, FreedomCardBoard, Golden Skate, and Muscle Mecca.


Threadloom has dramatically boosted our site's search effectiveness, lowered bounce rates and increased the time folks are staying on our site. Our members are amazed at how fast Threadloom returns results . . . And the accuracy blows away the old search engine!
— Alan Fields, owner of Baby Bargains

Computer vision-based image search
Finds images even if the search term isn't in the title, metadata, or post.

Spell correction
Fixes typos and word breaks, and recognizes popular brands and slang.

Custom search tabs
Lets you configure tabs that automatically search over your WordPress blog, storefront, or any crawlable web page.

Advanced search filters
Restrict by forum, user, tag, or thread prefix, with typeahead suggestions.

Doesn't slow down as your forum grows, and doesn't require server upgrades.

Real-time indexing
Adds new posts within seconds.​

  • Register on the Threadloom website.
  • Download and install the plug-in.
  • Wait for your forum to be indexed (~500K posts/hr).
  • Test Threadloom Search privately.
  • Enable it in AdminCP.

Mark as Installed at the top of the page to get updates.

Options page

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Baby Bargains case study

Threadloom is the first cloud search engine designed specifically for forums. Two months after installing Threadloom, searches on BabyBargains.com increased six-fold, while the time to complete a search decreased 90%. Sessions with a site search showed greater engagement compared to the year prior – lower bounce rates, more pages per session, and longer session durations.

For sessions with a search:
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Read more.

Questions and answers
Q: Do you sell or share my data?
A: No. We will never sell or share your data.

Q: Do you offer a free version?
A: Yes. Threadloom Search is free for sites with up to 10 Million posts, if you'd like a free trial of it for a larger forum, please contact us.

Q: Do I have to pay if my members or guests search more?
A: No. All tiers – free or paid – include unlimited searches.

Q: Do you support other versions of vBulletin.
A: Yes. Threadloom Search is tested and supported on vBulletin 3.8 and 4.x. View our vBulletin 4.x page.

Q: How is Threadloom Search different from Sphinx?
A: Threadloom Search uses the latest in search technology to return more accurate results. It includes image search, spell correction, and WordPress search. It's also easier to perform advanced searches, and easier for you to administer because you don't have to run anything on your server.

Q: What if your servers go down?
A: We're built on Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure, which are fairly reliable. If they do hiccup, Threadloom Search automatically fails over to native search.

Q: Do you observe my theme settings?
A: Yes. You can also override colors with RGB of hex values.

Q: Is your UI responsive?
A: Yes. Check out the example links above from whichever device you prefer, or see the attached mobile screenshots.

Q: How does this integrate with Threadloom Newsletter?
A: Threadloom Search forums who also use Threadloom Newsletter will eventually get the option of personalized email newsletters for their members.

Live demo
by threadloom
11 Apr 2017 07:31

We just set up a demo with BabyBargains.com, so you can try out Threadloom side-by-side with vBulletin standard search. Feel free to give it a go!


New filters!
by threadloom
23 May 2017 21:31

Excited to announce our new filters UI in v2.0.8!
  1. Users can now easily filter by forum, user, and date.
  2. Results update in realtime.
  3. Supports type-ahead.
Demo at http://windsorpeak.com/vbulletin/thr...trollers+twins.

Filter drop-down:

Multi-select + type-ahead:


Filters in use:

2.0.9 – released 2017-06-08
by threadloom
14 Jun 2017 03:01

2.0.9 – released 2017-06-08

This release addresses an issue with display of Latin-1 characters, and includes improvements for scheduled task data transfers.

  • Handle rare cases where the size of posts exceeds HTTP transfer limits.
  • Reduce size of data sent by server during scheduled task run. Results in faster task run-time.

  • Fixed display of Latin-1 characters in the header and footer of the search results page.
  • Fixed how we query for the number of table rows when the scheduled task runs.

Full release notes

All versions: Image search
by threadloom
15 Jun 2017 20:47

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Image search is now available for all Threadloom customers.
  • If you’re already using Threadloom, just install the latest plug-in from the Threadloom Portal (v2.0.6 or later for XenForo, v2.0.8 or later for vBulletin). Then, in the Portal, go to Search Settings and turn on Image Search. Just like with its sister feature, Custom Search Tabs, there is no additional charge for Image Search – they’re both included in your plan. So search on and let us know what you think!
  • If you haven’t tried Threadloom yet, sign up here. It’s completely free for smaller forums, and all of our plans for larger forums include a free 30-day trial.

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Full blog post

threadloom 22 Aug 2017 00:55

Today we released a plug-in update (v2.0.11). The update includes a minor backend update to support Threadloom Newsletter and adds compression. Compression saves 80% of bandwidth and 5-10% of sync time. Full release notes.

nw-fotografie 30 May 2018 19:42

we are using Threadloon search engine with vbulletin 3.8.x and it is a fantastic tool. But the tool is not GDPR compliant. So we have to deactivate it immediately because we are lo0acted in Germany. Why? Threadloom is setting a google analytics cookie. So please what can we do to make it useable for us? Thanks for support! Greetings Klaus

threadloom 07 Jun 2018 20:55

We have updated the code, so the Google Analytics code is GDPR compliant.
The last octet was collected previously via Google, but this prevents that. You should be able to turn this back on.

nw-fotografie 07 Jun 2018 22:57

Will test this! Thanks for your quick answer!

nw-fotografie 07 Jun 2018 23:04

Sorry, but the tool is still setting a Google Analytics cookie. The problem is, that we declare in our privacy not to use Google Analytics because of changing to Matomo, was Piwik, on one of our servers.

So what can we do?

Thanks for support.

nw-fotografie 07 Jun 2018 23:08

The version you offer here is 2.0.11. We already use 2.0.12?

threadloom 08 Jun 2018 22:13


Originally Posted by nw-fotografie (Post 2595071)
Sorry, but the tool is still setting a Google Analytics cookie. The problem is, that we declare in our privacy not to use Google Analytics because of changing to Matomo, was Piwik, on one of our servers.

So what can we do?

Thanks for support.

I'll reach out directly to you via Email.

Look for our update on Monday.

nw-fotografie 10 Jun 2018 16:08

Thanks! Got it already!

nw-fotografie 13 Jun 2018 23:26

Do you have news on the update?

threadloom 14 Jun 2018 17:16


Originally Posted by nw-fotografie (Post 2595124)
Do you have news on the update?

We are working towards the update - that is to support our latest GDPR compliant product, List Builder (read more here)

Will keep you posted and again reach out to you via email to answer any questions you may have.

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