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vBulletin 4.2.0
by Paul M
19 May 2012 13:46

Since the release of this is now only days away, and the Public Beta has now been released, I have added 4.2.0 as a choice in the version dropdown for release threads.

If you are releasing a 4.2 modification, please make sure you choose that option. If you have already released one, you can update it to 4.2.0

As part of your modification, you might also consider setting the product dependancies, to prevent it actually being loaded by pre 4.2 installations (unless of course its compatible with older versions).

CaneInsider 19 May 2012 19:47

What type of features are being upgraded for 4.2?

BirdOPrey5 19 May 2012 22:42

The features were listed in the announcement: https://www.vbulletin.com/forum/show...-PROD-INSTALLS)

The main features are:
  • New Activity Stream
  • New Navigation Manager
  • Several popular mods now built in

Boofo 19 May 2012 22:48

You mean Paul M's popular mods now built in.

BirdOPrey5 19 May 2012 22:50

Tomato tomato.

Boofo 19 May 2012 23:04

Not hardly.

vbenhancer 20 May 2012 01:28

i'm more into lasagna right now...

soniceffect 20 May 2012 19:46

Pizza is good

doctorsexy 20 May 2012 20:22


Shazz 20 May 2012 20:48


Hornstar 20 May 2012 21:05


Originally Posted by Boofo (Post 2330820)
You mean Paul M's popular mods now built in.

Yes. Which other mods do you feel should be built in?

Gemma 20 May 2012 21:10

I upgraded my site the other day, quite impressed by this release which isn't something I've been able to say before about a vB4 release.

8thos 20 May 2012 21:19


Originally Posted by Boofo (Post 2330820)
You mean Paul M's popular mods now built in.

If that's the case then he's single-highhandedly saved vB4.

cjh1471 20 May 2012 21:36

One of the most popular mods of all time should be integrated into the actually build of vBulletin :p post thank you :p

8thos 20 May 2012 23:51

If they really want to kill the game they should ask if they can add some of BirdOPrey5's awesome addons. He's my favorite vb.org mod author. Alot of his modifications are vital.

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