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Celebutopia 25 Feb 2009 22:42

I installed and now all I get is the loading thingy. I cannot make any entries or anything. Please, can someone assist me? Thanks!

crazylegs 26 Feb 2009 03:39

I imported the XML file and then chose add plugin. I then set the plugin to active. My plugins are now enabled. Here are my settings. Quotation marks are part of the actual name.
hook location: forumdisplay_start
execution order: 5
php code (huh?): "$cybchatbox"

Can somebody please help me out

sparky5693 01 Mar 2009 16:53

Works great, but it certainly eats some resources.

Guest can't see the chat
by Chorouk
03 Mar 2009 00:51

It's work for me, but guest can't see the chat, i don't know what's the problem (in admin area its alloweded to see the chat).

GoTTi 04 Mar 2009 16:34

how can i add colors to the dropdown? do i use HTML codes for the colors? i see in the vbulletin options there are words of the colors, and i tried the HTML code and the name of the color and its not working for the one i want to add.

Valter 04 Mar 2009 16:58


GoTTi 04 Mar 2009 17:05

i know the html code cyer, but where do i put it on ur mod to show up in the drop down for the chat?

Valter 04 Mar 2009 17:09

This setting in product options:
Colors available in drop-down menu

Enter color names or hex values, separate them with commas.

GoTTi 04 Mar 2009 17:50

i put FF0066 in the box and saved but the color isnt showing up.

Valter 04 Mar 2009 19:02

It should be #FF0066

paintballer.ie 04 Mar 2009 22:40

Is it possible to strip some featured out of this. I have no need for the full chat box or archive etc or the size option?

ibeteck 04 Mar 2009 22:42

how can i remove the chat count located on the postbit

cindy helmond 04 Mar 2009 23:17

i have a question users can see the chatbox history can you set this option off ?
That only see the moderator ?

K4GAP 05 Mar 2009 06:32

Is there a way to use an image for the background of the message's area?

Symbian.info 06 Mar 2009 09:26

Hi Cybernetic.

This is a great plugin and has been working on our forum for a long time. To get more people to use it, I would like to show a reference to how many users are active in Chat on the vbAdvanced portal page (putting the entire chatroom on the portal takes up too much space). When you click on this you go to the chatbox.

I've tried doing this myself, but my vBulletin/vbAdvanced knowledge is too limited to get this working. Can you offer some assistance with this?

Thanks in advance.

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