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Moderation Menu in Quick Links dropdown
by Staxed
04 Feb 2007 20:56

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Moderation menu in Quick Links Dropdown
By: Daniel B
(Original Idea by Roms)
Easy Installation, less than 5 minutes

This is a slight moderation to the Moderation menu (Navbar Dropdown) by Roms. I got his permission to post it for those of you who may, like myself, prefer to keep the navbar as "linkless" as possible. So instead of adding a new link in the navbar itself, I just added the Moderation Menu to the Quick Links dropdown.

What does this hack do?
This simple modification adds a new section to the Quick Links menu in the navigation bar. Only Staff members with the appropriate permissions can view the new section which contains links to moderate Group Join Requests, Attachments, Posts, Threads as well as a link to add new annoucements.

If you use this modification, please remember to CLICK INSTALL, it will be greatly appreciated! :D

Also, if you have any issues or suggestions post them here or feel free to PM me.

Zia 05 Feb 2007 15:46

umm :) first post..lets have a look :)

do u mind to post a screen shot :)

might be usefull...more better if it could be customized for each signle moderator

Staxed 05 Feb 2007 18:20

here is a screenshot, you'll have to excuse the clarity...i did it at work with MS Paint...:(



Originally Posted by Zia (Post 1175251)
might be usefull...more better if it could be customized for each signle moderator

care to explain a little more and I'll see what I can do :)

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