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How do you ban someone using a proxy address?
by AmbitiousOne
13 Apr 2008 13:50

Out of the blue this guy is spamming my forum. I was able to get him off after a couple of accounts that I banned of his. He took a break I suppose, but I believe he will be back. I really want to ban him for good but of course I keep banning the IP address (proxy) and of course he has a new one every time after this. So, any ideas of how to ban a proxy? I've used the mod by Paul M but the proxy information is not detected so I can't do much there.

Any ways of finding out his real IP address through a special website or something if you plug in the given proxy IP address?


Paul M 13 Apr 2008 14:08

Nope. If the proxy does not pass on the details then their is nothing you can do to find his real ip. All you can do is IP ban the proxy server ip.

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