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TCooper 18 Nov 2007 21:20

Great hack but has a conflict with v3arcade after the score has been posted you cant use the rating system and stuff that uses ajax on that page... not sure if anyone else had that problem

-=Sniper=- 18 Nov 2007 21:23

interesting, the hack places nothing on the arcade pages, the only time the hack runs is during New Reply/thread and PM. Have you enabled/disabled to hack to test it, any error messages?

TCooper 21 Nov 2007 08:19

dude sorry it was a rough night it was actually vbadvanced as I integrated that page about the same time i installed the mod.

BadgerDog 21 Nov 2007 12:28

Installed.... :)

Thanks :up:


inciarco 13 Dec 2007 16:36

Interesting Thread!! :)

One Bug!! :( :confused:

This Hack Causes That When You Edit a Message and Try To Change The "Include Signature" Option, That Option Isn't Updated, so When You Have That Option Disabled and Try To Enable It, This Hacks Causes That Option Not To Be Updated, Even For Administrators!! :confused: :(

Perhaps Interferes With Other Options, But I Haven't Tested It Further and Decided to Disable It, for it Not To Interfere With The "Include Signature" Option in Posts and Threads!! :erm:

My Best Regards!! I Hope This Bug Could Be Fixed!! :rolleyes:


lordtopcat 15 Dec 2007 22:30


How can I remove the quick preview button and make it the normal Preview Post button ? I don't want two preview post buttons lol.


-=Sniper=- 25 Dec 2007 13:26

inciarco; thanks I will look into that.

lordtopcat; that's how it originally functioned but then users were forced to use it, perhaps the button can be placed next to the preview button.

puroeuro 18 Jan 2008 10:19

is there a way to get rid of this on the pm page? i'm running into the error that when using this preview that it previews it and then reloads the page as if using the default vb preview button, all other areas that i've tested it on work just fine though.

aceofspades 30 May 2008 11:52

I love the idea of this hack, but i thought the whole idea of a preview is to pass the bb code and other code to show you exactly what it will look like. However in your example it just copies exactly what is in the text box and doesnt pass the bb code, in this case making the bold text bold.

Am i missing something?

-=Sniper=- 30 May 2008 19:22

the above example was animated which showed that it worked with all vb bbcodes but for some reason its been changed to a static image...so it works exactly like the normal preview but via AJAX.

Crapforum 03 Jun 2008 12:23

nice hack...
Is it possible to have it auto-update the preview, when you type something in the reply box?

brasolino 05 Jun 2008 15:20

compatible with 3.6.10 ?

Dr_Hengelhoffer 07 Sep 2008 14:18

Grat! How can i put the "Preview Post" button above the editbox.. ?

FCS-Webmaster 24 Jul 2009 15:22

Marked as uninstalled since I experienced some trouble within my PM section. User wasn`t able to click anymore inside the Textbox (WYSIWYG) from the Editor. IE and Standardeditor even in FF worked fine.

Can`t say if it`s in trouble with some other hacks & addons or FF itself but I don`t have much time for debuggin. Sad... I used it a long time.

Anyway a great hack!

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