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Cyb - Visitors in Last X Hours
by Valter
10 Jan 2009 15:43

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-Show how many users (members + guests) visited forum in last x hours
-Show members listing
-Show member last activity on mouse-over
-Invisible members are shown as "Invisible" for those who has no permissions to view them
-Option to add fake guests
-Optionally usergroups legend can be shown below VILXH box
-By default all usergroups where HTML tags are filled out will be listed in legend
-You can exclude usergroups from showing in legend
-You can exclude usergroups from viewing VILXH

1. Import XML file (as product) - AdminCP > Plugin System > Manage Products > [Add/Import Product]

2. OPTIONAL (For customized styles where VILXH is not shown automatically):
-In FORUMHOME template add "$cyb_vilxh" after:

v1.0 - Oct 02. 2005.
-Initial release
v1.5 - Apr 25. 2006.
-Known bugs fixed
-Compatibility improved
v1.6 - Apr 25. 2006.
-Compatibility improved
-New: Usergroup legend
v1.7 - Aug 04. 2006.
-Release of this hack for vB v3.6
v1.8 - Aug 05. 2006.
-Uncached template bug fixed
v1.9 - Aug 14. 2006.
-Added last activity info on mouseover (format: date, time)
-Users who have chosen to be invisible while online will be shown as "Invisible" for those who has no permissions to view invisible members
-You can customize "Invisible" phrase or replace it with some icon or something in ACP (HTML)
-Last activity info will be shown for invisible members too when you mouse over "Invisible"
v2.0 - Oct 30. 2006.
-Whole code is now valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional
-Added option to exclude usergroups from viewing VILXH box
-Added option to hide usergroups from showing in legend
-Added "Product Version Checking"
v2.1 - Sep 17. 2007.
-New: Number of guests who visited forums in last x hours
-Option to add fake guests
-Option to disable automatic placement of VILXH box on forumhome
-Last activity info shown using today/yesterday for current and previous day
-Several minor bugs fixed
-Optimized and compatibility improved
v2.2 - Sep 25. 2007.
-Only selected usergroups are shown in the Usergroup Legend
-Usergroups with no HTML tags set are still automatically excluded
-You can choose the order of the usergroups in the legend
-Fixed bug where users are not displayed using tags from their default usergroup
v2.3 - Oct 23. 2007.
-New: Option to disable guest stats
-New: Option to hide completely invisible members
-New: Cut-off member list and show all on user request via AJAX
-Minor bug fixes
v2.4 - Apr 30. 2008.
-Compatible with vBulletin 3.7
-Minor bugs fixed

Live DEMO: http://www.bihforum.com

Mark as installed to get updates and support.

vbob 10 Jan 2009 18:03

Thanks For the update of one of your excellent mods Cyb. :-)

IRANCITY 10 Jan 2009 18:28

hey Cyb...
u are God of plugin
i love ur work

lostguy 11 Jan 2009 04:36

Good as always :) big fan :)

digicom 12 Jan 2009 12:57

Thankyou Apprciated:up:

dadoc 13 Jan 2009 09:19

with the option in the cp
it says,

Results to show on start up (0 to show all)
Note: full list is available on user request via ajax

What does this mean : full list is available on user request via ajax?

I do have a fake user mod and It was showing all fake members and real members but now it only displays real members?

I hope someone can help me


vip-q.com 20 Jan 2009 13:00

thanks CYP, I use all ur mods
could u plz add in this mod changing the time from ( 24 ) to ( 12 ) ??

and thanks :)

steve1966 20 Jan 2009 13:17

Hi is there a bug with this beacuse it does not show the corrects guests ? thanks

Valter 20 Jan 2009 19:37

If you just installed this hack you should wait X hours to get correct numbers as product must log people who visit your forum.

liselotte 20 Jan 2009 20:24

installed. graet hack

TheArve 21 Jan 2009 23:39

Thanks for this,, really appreciate ur time taken,



by habanero68
22 Jan 2009 06:41

hola: mejor no hay , es perfecto. mil gracias

albear 26 Jan 2009 01:17

Installed... Thank You :)

hscorp 27 Jan 2009 01:36


it show only groups with markup

so can u tell me how to add the group legend under the Currently Active Users please ass the arrows show? :)


Sym0n 27 Jan 2009 18:50

Fantastic thanks :)

Only thing I would ask for in a future release, if it's possible, would be to have an option to show users which have been online since midnight.

Thanks again

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