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Is there a way?
by mp3president
20 Feb 2021 09:32


Got a question about transferring topics and users from 1 vb5 to the other.
I am still busy finding the right way to go from vbulletin 4.2.5 to vbulletin 5.6.4.

I have upgraded on a test site my vb4 to vb5.
So all my users and topics go over, and worked pretty good!

However there are still some things that will not work properly, and i think the reason of this is that when i upgrade, parts of the old add-ons are still in the database and have conflicts with the new ones.

So what i want to try is make a fresh install of vb 5.6.4.
And then, (and here comes the question) i want to copy/import all my members/topics into the fresh installation.

So, is it possible to do this? To move topics and users from one VB5 installation to another?

Impex is not a way, but maybe someone has an idea of how this could be possible!

Hope to hear, and that someone can help me.


yilmaz 20 Feb 2021 12:24

Before upgrading, you need to uninstall all plugins with vb4.
Delete the vb4 files all and upload the vb5 files.

Run the update after entering the config.php mysql information.

I did it myself, it was no problem.

mp3president 21 Feb 2021 07:01

Thanks for your response.

However, i did exactly that!
But when i installed VB shout, in ACP there was still "the old vb4 version" installed/visable.
But i did uninstall it for sure!

So maybe small pieces are still left in the database.
That is why i am looking for a way to do a clean install, and then move my topics and users over to the new installation.

shka 21 Feb 2021 13:04

The way in your first post is not recommendable.

There are two ways:
A. (complete cleaning)
- Upgrade installation (with or without uninstall mods), important is only deleting all old vb4 files and upload only new vb5 files.
- go to phpmyadmin and export complete forum db structure (only structure, not data) and compare this structure with an export of clean vb install.
- delete all not-vb5-tables or table-columns

B. (clean only vbshout - I think you mean dbtech vbshout))
- Upgrade installation (with or without uninstall mods), important is only deleting all old vb4 files and upload only new vb5 files.
- look at installation files \upload\core\packages\dbtechvbshout\install (files with numbers) and delete all the tables/columsn created in that sql statements
- install vbshout

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