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Change "user name" on registration step 2
by Jebadiah04
26 Sep 2019 20:47

On the 2nd step of registration where it asks new users to enter a user name, i want to change "user name" to "gamertag" where do i find that to edit it? I just need to text changed on that page so our people know to put the right info in there.

I cant seem to find it in any of the menus or in the register.php file. so i must be missing something.


--------------- Added 26 Sep 2019 at 20:55 ---------------

i just realised i put this in Version 3 forum and im running version 4. My bad

snakes1100 26 Sep 2019 21:41

Search in the "phrase manager" in the admincp

Jebadiah04 26 Sep 2019 21:52


Originally Posted by snakes1100 (Post 2600797)
Search in the "phrase manager" in the admincp

nailed it, thank you

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