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Dark Castle
by Alantris
19 Nov 2006 13:16

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Hello! It's the first my style.

Style name: Dark Castle
vBulletin version 3.6.3-|-3.6.4-|-3.6.5-|-3.6.6-|-3.6.7-|-3.6.8

Unpack zip file, upload contents of folder "upload" to your forum including directory.
-Logo and buttons PSD files are also included.






  • Fixed style
  • Forum version 3.6.4
  • Post Thaks buttons
There are also some bugs corrected;)

  • A few new elements
  • Same changes in tamplates
  • Forum version 3.6.5-|-3.6.6-|-3.6.7
Update: Just stored new archive and upgrade XML.

  • New version 3.6.8
Update: Download the XML_3.6.8 zip file, extract and install a new version on your forum.

I hope you'll like it;)

P.S. If you'll like it, push the Install please.

Alantris 19 Nov 2006 13:50

Updated archive. Added new icons and replaced all buttons.

radarhunter 19 Nov 2006 14:10

second to install :D good skin

Alantris 19 Nov 2006 14:14

Thank you!:)

TomJames 19 Nov 2006 14:19

Whoa, that is a great skin, thanks alot!

GamBun 19 Nov 2006 17:51

Wow! This will be awesome for my games site! Very nice style & was quite easy to install! ThankYou! :)

paldo 19 Nov 2006 18:01

thats nice :) installed

Rat1972 19 Nov 2006 18:37

Not usefull for my forum, but it is a great and beautifull skin. Keep up the good work!

KingPin6 20 Nov 2006 21:49

Very nice looking, thank you for sharing :)

hackindave 21 Nov 2006 00:00

Nice. I installed, nice skin...thanks

ninjashoes 21 Nov 2006 20:05

nice man, I installed in my forum

Warz 03 Dec 2006 00:29

Like the style and I am using it...but found one problem.

When a new person registers, the forum rules are defaulted to black text, the background is also black. They cannot see anything unless they highlight the area.

Is there a way to change that background or text?

Puntal 05 Dec 2006 22:39

Yes,and also,could someone make me a "thanks" button?

Very nice indeed,also installed.


NiteRidah 06 Dec 2006 19:17

Vewy vewy nice! :D *thumbs up*

Alantris 07 Dec 2006 07:58

Upgrade:) Please, forgive me for a delay!

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