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Thread display issue...need a quick pointer!
by Scans007
27 Jul 2011 14:45

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So I'm new to vBulletin and new to ibProArcade......:D

I've been knocking this stuff outta the park and find it all pretty easy ... except finding where things live to fix styles, hide fields etc.

The ibProArcade install although scary on the surface was SUPER easy to do (even with all the fixes from main threads) and execute on 4.1.x vBulletin - kudos! Even for a new guy....I will be drop'n some $$ after I get everything done. Users will love this!

I spent forever getting my theme right before I installed the arcade but it looks like (see attached) the new status bar on the left side of a post (profile info)exploded across the full screen. In firefox it makes the whole forum unreadable. In IE/chrome it just blasts the header across as seen in the screen shot.

Can anyone tell me how to shut off these fields for Arcade so they don't show up in the profile overview per post but leave them in the main full profile??????

Either that or point me to where I can shut off stuff like location, join date etc.

Thx a ton......keep game'n away :cool:

Scans007 27 Jul 2011 21:08

Fixed.....closer it up or delete this tread. I have no idea what I did to fix it.....but something did ....oh n00bs ;)

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