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Log Out On Login
by cheech47
23 Nov 2013 16:23


If eg UserX logs in on PC1, if they were to login on PC2, is it possible to log out the other session on PC1?


kh99 23 Nov 2013 17:39

I believe it already works that way, but if the user is using "remember me" then they'll just be logged back in and they won't even notice they were logged out.

cheech47 24 Nov 2013 13:26

Does it work different if your an admin then? As I was able to login on another pc in my house and it never logged me out when using my main pc

ShawneyJ 24 Nov 2013 13:55

for me if i login on 2 computers in the house, and say i logged out on 1 of my computers, i would still be logged in on the other. as im sure the browser/cookies still are in session for that single computer.

if im logged in on PC 1 as admin and PC 2 as another user call bob. if i logged out of admin on PC 1 admin. bob on PC 2 will be still logged in.

kh99 24 Nov 2013 14:05

Hmm...I guess you're right. I could swear that at some point in the past I noticed that if I logged in to the same user in two different browsers, the second one would log out the first one. But I just tried it and it doesn't seem to do that. So either something changed or I imagined it.

Edit: oh, if you log out of one it seems to log them all out, so maybe that's what I was thinking of.

In any case, the question is still open.

ShawneyJ 24 Nov 2013 14:26

the last few years i have been fine using my forums using FF and different user in IE same computer. Log out was fine, like again IE user would be logged in.

anyway, for the computer test. im on the laptop atm and the computer on this forum. i'll log out on the laptop now and see if it logs me out on my computer in the other room lol. brb.

EDIT: walked to computer room, jumped on the computer and clicked refresh and are still logged into vb.org and just hit edit.

when i first started my forum in 2006, i would log into FF as one user and IE as another user on one CP and just post to make it look like members were online posting. to go over board, i logged in on 4 different computers in the same house with 8 made up members to post and make it look like 8 members we online lol. FF/IE on all 4 computers. Wow get a life Shawn!

i noticed you can also now use chrome, FF and IE and have 3 different members on 1 computer.

anyways, sorry to just blab on kh99. its just good to be back on vb.org posting again after so long.

good luck with what you're trying to do cheech47.


cheech47 24 Nov 2013 15:08

Will have a look at the login code see if its possible to use the norm login but then auto log out user and then auto log back in, might work, will test later tonight once the board is quiet

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