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Painting my Forum
by candidog
03 Jan 2012 14:04

I'm having a difficulty time coloring my forums to the colors I want.

Is there a document which tells me what actually gets modified in the Style Variable Editor.

For an example; Blocks modifies this section of my forum. Up to this point, I pretty much playing with the color via trial and error but as soon as I configure something right I screw up another section and I don't know what variable I modified.

So I'm basically asking for information that tells me what variable configures what on my forum.


Ramsesx 03 Jan 2012 14:56

There is a stylevar documentation on vb.com anywhere in the cms section. But it has been never refreshed so I think it's useless now especially after the lot of changes in 4.1.10.
Have you tried the style generator, maybe that's an easy way for you or wait for 4.1.10, less stylevars and more easy to style.

Lynne 03 Jan 2012 15:42

You may be interested in this article - 9 Easy Steps to Styling Your Forum
and this section of the manual - Stylevar Dictionary

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