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Rotating Sig pics
by BigDog56
02 Jul 2008 22:29

I have searched for mods and have not found this. Is there a way to be able to ratae sig pics and/or profile pics, as is done in the rotating banners?

Opserty 02 Jul 2008 23:39

There probably won't be a modification for it but check google or some tutorial websites for tutorials on how to do it for banners then just apply the same technique to the signature images. (Most involve a separate PHP script which is use as the image location, instead of a real image)

BigDog56 02 Jul 2008 23:49

Thank you very much for the reply. I've found a script that works, but only for me. I've had to create a php file in a new folder in my site's public html. But to create a new folder for each member,.. Not practical, lol. There has got to be a way to incorporate this into vBulletin.

iogames 03 Jul 2008 00:02

and what about this?


BigDog56 03 Jul 2008 12:13

Thanks, but that's more of a video for an avatar. What I'm wanting is something in a sig or profile that only changes once the page is refreshed, or they view a different post in a different thread.

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