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by kirstiel
19 Apr 2011 18:50

Is there a way to allow people to post on our articles without having to register first? Like how word press sites allow people to comment -- they require your name and email. Is this possible with CMS?

g0dfather1984 19 Apr 2011 19:06

Set the guests CMS Comments forum permissions to yes.

kirstiel 19 Apr 2011 19:19

Thanks so much for you response!

Where is that? I only want to allow non-registered users to comment on articles. I still only want registered users in the forum.

g0dfather1984 19 Apr 2011 21:03

Admin CP ---> Forum Manager ---> Forum Permissions ---> VBCMS Comments

kirstiel 19 Apr 2011 22:33

That would just allow them to post in the forum, not on the actual Front Page where I'm writing articles. Our page is: www.insidelg.com and I would like people to be able to comment after an article w/o registering. Wordpress has an option where people can just enter their name and email into a field and then they can comment -- they don't have to go through the hassle of registering.
Am I missing something from your last post?
Thanks again for your help!

g0dfather1984 19 Apr 2011 22:39

They'll still be able to post on the articles. The only ones they won't be able too, from what I am getting is the threads promoted to articles. Unless there is something wrong with my forum. But here's an example:

http://www.nflblabber.com/content/25...n_vikings.html (Sorry that it's football, btw.)

kirstiel 20 Apr 2011 16:11

Thank you SO much! It works! I asked this question over on vB.com and they said it wasn't possible w/o custom coding! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

--------------- Added 20 Apr 2011 at 16:30 ---------------

Now for another question. Do you know if there is a way to make an unregistered user enter an email address before posting a comment? Wordpress has this on their blogs and I think it can be really useful.

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