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[Pre-Purchase Question] table with filter functionality
by innovator4k
16 Jan 2020 09:34

Hi, i am looking forward to buy a vBulletin license in a day or two but i had a question before i buy.

How can i design a page like this one? http://torrentinvites.org/trackerlist.php

Does vBulletin offers any in-built utility to build a tables like this or we will need a separate vbulletin mod to make this?

If separate mod/script is required, which mod or script should i buy with my vbulletin license to design a page as shown in above example?

Dave 16 Jan 2020 11:59

There's no mod to make something like that.
It seems pretty custom so you'd have to hire someone to make a custom mod like that for you.

innovator4k 16 Jan 2020 15:09

Do you know anyone who can design the same thing for me?

snakes1100 17 Jan 2020 09:20

Find OlafvdSpek on google for torrent stuff

Sorry 15 Apr 2020 22:11

OP I was trying to make the same Tracker List, https://openloading.com/trackerlist but under WP directory, it goes 404, any ideas, did you manage to configure it correctly?

final kaoss 19 Apr 2020 13:37

You can make a page like that in vbulletin. What you've shown us is a basic table with sorting functions. Something like that can be remade without any mods.
Depending on your experience with html/php you may either find it difficult or easy to recreate, as you'll be adding your own code if you follow the guide below.

[HOW TO - vB4] Create your own vBulletin page

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