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by yumyumcat
21 Sep 2008 15:32

I started a new usergroup for those people that have donated to my board and I wanted to use a gif under their names titles.

However, when I did this, their avatar was gone. How can I do this with keeping their avatar and everything the way it was?


ShawneyJ 21 Sep 2008 15:35

did you upload the image to your server root? then add it to your forums "User Rank Manager"?
eg: Add New User Rank...Usergroup...User Rank File Path......image/gold.gif

if not....

just upload your rank image to your server forum root image folder.
go to admincp>>User Ranks>>Add New User Rank>>chose usergroup>>>User Rank File Path and add image path from your server which should look something like images/your.gif or forum/images/your.gif
and save then click "update user titles and ranks"

org knopper 15 Nov 2008 08:05

Even i need solution ,this didnt help ?

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