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Stop users from using contact form
by Hostboard
10 Sep 2008 19:23

If your site is using a Help Desk of sorts for support and are trying to eliminate e-mail support users still can email you by typing in the URL to your site and loading the file sendmessage.php file Instead of deleting, renaming or CHMODing the file I thought it was a better idea to just do a PHP re-direct.

So in sendmessage.php delete everything inbetween and including: <?php and ?>


Block Disabled:      (Update License Status)  
Suspended or Unlicensed Members Cannot View Code.

Where some-url is where you would like to send your users when they attempt to manualy contact you via email.

AzaDiyaR 10 Sep 2008 19:43

thanks ;)

JamesFreeman 11 Sep 2008 19:24

Is their really any point in this,
Contact page, is for support.

Hostboard 12 Sep 2008 00:42


Originally Posted by JamesFreeman (Post 1620031)
Is their really any point in this,
Contact page, is for support.

Did you not read the description?

baghdad4ever 12 Sep 2008 11:27

you can do it from admincp

vbulletin options

Hostboard 12 Sep 2008 12:36


Originally Posted by baghdad4ever (Post 1620445)
you can do it from admincp

vbulletin options

No you can't.

You can specify a way in the ACP (I.E. url) but the sendmessage.php script is still accessable to anyone who know the file name.

jammiedodger546 13 Sep 2008 10:51

This doesn't deserve a 1 star rating. Rated 5. Not going to use it as its not needed but great mod.

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